Janine has gathered many testimonials to her work

Here are a few:

“I have been practicing yoga for several years with Janine. I find her method of teaching is outstanding. I have been to many other Yoga classes over the years and can quite honestly say none compare! The classes are well structured, Janine gives excellent direction, so everyone works safely and is encouraged to work to their own ability. I enjoy the way music is creatively used in classes, the relaxations we are taken through, and most of all, the way Janine encourages people to develop. Janine’s Yoga classes are a true body and soul experience and I always leave the class feeling at peace and whole.”
– Jayne Lacy

“I am one of Janine’s (senior students!!) and have attended her class for the past ten years. It is an amazing class with people of all ages attending, She is a wonderful teacher calm, tranquil and serene on the one hand, caring , joyful ,happy and full of life on the other. You will not find a more enjoyable class or a better teacher.”
– Noel Evans

“Janine’s yoga classes are wonderful. I like the way she demonstrates the poses, then talks us through each exercise as we do it. I also like the philosophy of Yoga and the relaxation at the end of the class. Janine’s classes are a real tonic for me, after each class my body feels more subtle and completely relaxed.”

– Lynne Clarke

“I have attended Janine’s yoga classes for several terms and really enjoy the balance of postures, breathing exercises, relaxation and meditation. Janine always makes me feel very welcome and there is a lovely sense of shared space and closeness with other people in the class.”
– Annette Lumsden

“Janine’s Yoga Class caters for all abilities and is fun, relaxing and spiritual, as well as stimulating for both mind and body. Thank you for helping me to see my life in such a positive way and for bringing yoga and reiki into my daily life. I feel blessed each day.”
– Hazel Morgan

“Janine’s yoga class has made such a difference to how I see and do things. Since joining I feel so much better about myself, it has helped me to slow down which is what I needed to do, and at the same time I feel so much fitter. Thank you Janine.”
– Liz Neudegg

“I came to yoga very late in life and was extremely nervous when I joined the class. However I found Janine’s class to be a very positive and encouraging environment to suit all levels of ability. The combination of yoga teachings, poses and relaxations used within the class all enable me to use yoga now as part of my day to day life”
– Helen Sloggett

“Janine’s yoga classes are pure relaxation. A feeling of well being and contentment, that will last until the next class.”
– Brenda Mchale

“I have had a chronic back problem for many years. Since taking up yoga with Janine I can honestly say my back is markedly improved. Janine tells the class how to undertake each pose in relation to the part of the body you will be using i.e. if you have a particular problem such as a back problem, knee problem etc., which reassured me that I could protect my back as a novice yoga student. More than two years later I do more than I ever thought I could.”
– Liz Lepere

“I have been coming to Janine’s classes for about 10 years now and they are everything I need in yoga and fellowship. Thank you Janine.”
– Angela Jobbins

“I have received Reiki treatments from Janine as well as attending her courses. Her treatments are wonderful and leave me feeling so good. Her courses are so well run and whilst I only intended doing the stage one course I was so enthused that I went on to do stage two and now practice Reiki regularly.”
– Hazel, Yateley

“I came to Reiki through my Yoga classes and find that the two go hand in hand. The Reiki 1 weekend helped me a lot in coping with anxiety which I experience at times and the subsequent Reiki Exchange put other things into place with the caring I experienced there. I feel more relaxed and want to let Reiki help me when I need it.”
– Angela Jobbins

“Thank-you for my simply lovely ‘Simply Reiki’ weekend. My teacher was wonderful, authentic, passionate and believable. I felt able to be me in the true sense all the way through the programme. Janine, you have a great gift of enthusiasm and commitment to make everything you do the very best it can possibly be and you take everyone with you – never needing to make anyone wrong or less than you in any way.”
– Angela Rutterford-Adams (Reiki 1)

“I have felt the benefit of Reiki in so many ways. Reiki calms my mind when I am feeling anxious, it soothes my emotions when they are overwhelming me, it fills my whole body with warmth and a sense of well-being and leaves me with a feeling of peace and serenity.”
– Lynne, Berkshire

“Reiki has helped me to become more aware of my inner self. I have been able to identify areas of my life that have been causing me unhappiness and have had the strength to deal with them. The Reiki Exchange has been very calming and uplifting, helping to clear my mind of worries and anxieties.”
– Sally Ambrose

“Janine introduced me to Reiki during a difficult period of my life nearly two years ago, firstly through treatments and secondly by attending Reiki I & II training courses myself. Reiki has helped me to distance myself from the negative life situations that I was surrounded by. It has also helped me to protect my own energy, helping to relieve stress and exhaustion. Once I completed the Reiki I course I could then treat myself daily to continue to feel protected by positive thoughts and experience a wonderful feeling of well-being. I have also, since completing the Reiki II course, been able to share this energy with other like minded friends and complete strangers.”
– Louise Walton

“Reiki has brought a new found confidence into my life. I feel able to live so much more ‘in the moment’ rather than worrying about the past or the future. Every treatment brings an exciting new experience and I feel that discovering Reiki has put me on a path towards an amazing journey.”
– Amanda Davy

“Janine is such an inspiration and makes you believe in yourself. An excellent weekend, I feel very excited about doing the distant healing.”
– H.Morgan (Reiki 2)

“An excellent Reiki 2 weekend course. I enjoyed it a lot. A really nice and open group of people.”
– S.Drinkwater (Reiki 2)

“Janine explained the course very clearly along with each practical exercise. The course was held in a very relaxed and comfortable manner and was very enjoyable and informative.”
– L.Clarke (Reiki 2)

“The course was extremely well organised with excellent materials. Janine created a lovely atmosphere within the group and her presentation was faultless.”
– A.Tondryk (Reiki 2)

“I found the Reiki course to be an amazing enlightening event, on several levels. It has given me not just a new skill but a different way of looking at my life to achieve self-improvement and also to help others. It feels very empowering!”
– W.O’Sullivan (Reiki 1)

“I found the course so interesting and really wanted to learn more. We had a fabulous group of people that mixed really well.”
– S.Dow (Reiki 1)

“I would like to say a huge thank-you for the Reiki 1 Course. I thoroughly enjoyed it and thought Janine explained everything really well and made the whole weekend a very clear learning experience. I will definitely be recommending this to people.”
– T.Hall (Reiki 1)

Life changing experience.
– Helen Haylor

Thank you for such an exciting and uplifting week-end. You really are an inspiration to all us “Reikiers”
– Hazel (Reiki 2)